Integrated Policy

Integrated Policy

Our policy, as ÖZAK, is not only ensuring commercial, economic and legal compliances, but also providing our customers with high quality and environment-friendly products that are consistent with the environmental legislation and occupational health and safety. Our business strategy will revolve around the need to provide quality service and products to our various clients, in the process fully satisfying their needs.

In this respect, we will continuously measure and develop our production and process quality by taking the standart of ISO 9001 Quality Management System into consideration. Therefore, we will implement the state of the art technology used worlwide in our company.

We will continuously examine our system based on the legal regulations and OHSAS 18001 Standard that is related to occupational health and safety. In addition, we will protect our valuable staff and raise awareness in terms of work safety and well-being in the production and service processes.


In the light of “Sustainable Development and Sustainable Environment” and the ISO 140001 Standard for environmental management, we will explore and identify the potential sources of environmental damages in advance so as to take precautions to promote environmental health.


By integrating our standards of quality, environmental susceptibility and work safety, we will extend the implementation of the Integrated Management System to the whole company. Additionally, by taking fundamental precautions, OZAK generates an essential basis to create more resources, perpetuate company growth and achieve the company goals. 


In today’s world, successful companies are the ones whose ultimate goal is to meet customer needs. Along the same lines, OZAK’s ultimate goal is to provide motivation for our staff and to increase our potential to grow in order to meet customer needs and satisfaction. This ultimate goal is supported by our quality system, high-equipped machinery, exclusively educated staff, environmental consciousness, and more importantly by our mission to gain more prestige in Turkey and the world. We commit to provide our staff with appropriate working conditions and hours and their continued training. Thus, as the Board of Directors, we aim to become Turkey’s leading SBT company within the next three years.

"High Quality, High Reliability"